Quality and innovation in GET

With over 50 years of expertise and through constant dialogue with our earthmoving distributors, clients and end-users, ETESA has developed bucket teeth and adapters for different working conditions and job applications.

The result is an extensive range of Ground Engaging Tool solutions compatible with most major OEMs.

Why choose ETE bucket teeth?

ETE steels
High-spec quality alloy steels

Tooth-adapter fitment
Optimised designs and moulds in perfect working condition

Through in-house quality control

Full range in GET
Compatible with most major OEMs

Efficient manufacturing
Reduce manufacturing times

We get the best result

[ 1 ]
Increased teeth performance

[ 2 ]
Reduced equipment downtime

[ 3 ]
Greater productivity per working hour

Our range of teeth and adapters come in two complementary series: Xtrem and ETE

[ Xtrem ] series
High performing innovative design

Our answer to the most demanding requirements from our clients worldwide

What value does our Xtrem high performance range add?

Own designs
Engineered in-house to match your machine and site requirements

Chemical composition
Exclusive ETE alloy steels for each type of application

Extra wear material
On areas subjected to highest wear

Self-sharpening profile
Ensures longer wear life of the bucket teeth

>500 HB Brinell hardness
Outstanding resistance to wear and breakage

Hammerless ETE-lock system

Safety, reliability and convenience

At ETESA we have developed our own totally hammerless ETE-lock system.

Reduces the equipment´s downtime and ensures greater speed and safety when installing or replacing bucket teeth.

ETE-lock is available for the Xtrem Rock Chisel “RC” general purpose tip in size 40-60 for the Caterpillar horizontal locking system.

Advantages of our hammerless ETE-lock system

Avoid potential accidents that may occur when hammering-in the tooth pin on larger sized teeth.

Do you need Xtrem to work with other brands and/or locking systems?


[ ETE ] Series
Wide range and reliable service

ETE direct replacement (DRP) teeth and adapters are manufactured using our top-quality alloy steel and are heat treated according to our ETE3TT specifications.

ETE o Xtrem?

Choose based on these three factors:

[ 1 ]
Type of terrain

[ 2 ]
Work application

[ 3 ]
Tooth locking system


Choose our Xtrem series for heavy duty applications that require maximum performance. Lower your operating costs by extending your teeth service life to their maximum while reducing your equipment downtime.


Choose our ETE series for applications that require ongoing work which provide outstanding solutions with excellent cost and efficiency ratios

Bucket teeth compatible with


Teeth and adapters with OEM designs and high quality ETE alloy steels compatible with Caterpillar horizontal and vertical locking system.

Bucket teeth


Ripper teeth & adapters

Vertical pin



Teeth and adapters with OEM designs and high quality ETE alloy steels compatible with mini excavators and mini loaders.


To complement our bucket teeth and adapters range, we have an extensive selection of accessories available:

  • Hardware
  • Fasteners
  • Pins
  • Retainers

To meet all your Wear Part needs.