At ETESA we have a complete range of blades and cutting edges  designed and manufactured in high strength ETE alloy steels and applying our ETE3TT exclusive heat treatment.

The result

Greater bucket protection
Increase of wear resistance
Extension of the machinery service life

Why use ETE blades?

Wide selection
Of blades and profiles for most brands and equipment types

Different compositions
Carbon or Boron steel depending on the nature of the work

High performance
Hardness of 500 HB treated to the core and our ETE3TT heat treatment

Tungsten Carbide Impregnation
Greater resistance to wear which extends the blades life

Total customisation
On demand requirements in size and thickness

Top quality finish
Straight profiles and perfect machining of holes

Our direct replacement ETE blades and cutting edges are adaptable to most major OEMs

Excavator and loader

Weld-on base blades
Reversible double bevel blades. Flat and curved
Bolt-on blades
Half-arrow profiles

Grader and Scraper

High carbon steel. General working conditions. Balance between efficiency and cost
Boron steel. Superior performance and maximum resistance to wear
Reversible double bevel blades
Curved blades. Better removal of material flow when working
Serrated blades. Designed for hard and compacted soils
Complete scarifier shank and protections


Cast blades. Extra wear material on the area subjected to highest wearing
Preformed cast end bits. Concave shape for better dragging
Full range of end bits. Flat and curved (hot cupped)
Bolt-on half-arrow protectors
Complete ripper shank and protections